Our commitments

This category II classified tourist information centre belongs to the ‘Offices de Tourisme de France’ network.

logo OTF

It undertakes to: 

  • Have an easily accessible reception and information area available for your use.

  • Assist you with all your enquiries. 

  • Provide furniture where you can sit. 

  • Inform you free of charge of what is available for tourists in the area. 

  • Display and circulate its opening hours in at least two foreign languages. 

  • Provide free WiFi access. 

  • Remain open at least 240 days a year, including Saturdays and Sundays during the tourist season or when events are taking place. 

  • Answer mail throughout the year. 

  • Provide a permanent reception service staffed by personnel who can speak at least two foreign languages. 

  • Ensure the supply of printed tourist maps, plans and guides. 

  • Give access to its website in three languages. 

  • Ensure that information for tourists is also available in hard copy and translated into at least two foreign languages. This information should relate to: 

    • All graded tourist accommodation, listing at the very least the accommodation’s name, postal address, e-mail and web address, telephone number and grade. 

    • All cultural and natural tourist attractions and landmarks, as well as leisure attractions, including prices, public opening times, websites, postal addresses and telephone numbers. 

    • All entertainment and events. 

    • Emergency numbers. 

  • Update its tourist information annually. 

  • Display all emergency telephone numbers outside the building. 

  • Provide a competent and comprehensive service in its target area for all customers. 

  • Provide access to view the availability of graded accommodation. 

  • Deal with your complaints and assess your overall satisfaction. 

  • Respect a quality approach. 

  • Ensure that you have access to a tourist advisor (providing information about activities, events, etc.). 

  • Ensure that the information given about what is available for tourists in the area is up-to-date and reliable.