Tourism and Disability in Hardelot

Accessibility in Hardelot for people with reduced mobility

Hardelot-Plage on the Côte d’Opale is a stunning place, with its long beach, well-maintained seafront, forest, paths and walks. Since people with reduced mobility - whether they are young, old, suffering illness or disabled - want to get out in the fresh air, enjoy the amazing surrounding nature, sleep in beautiful accommodation and enjoy a lovely meal just like the rest of us, and since the family of a person with reduced mobility also wants to walk, relax and rest, Hardelot resort has decided to attain the ‘Tourism and Handicap’ accreditation and now offers a range of leisure opportunities and accessibility.

For the physically disabled: 

  • Reserved, signposted parking opposite the Tourist Office.

  • Internal signage to better identify the different areas in the Tourist Office.

  • Wheelchair accessible internet point.

  • Redesigned and adapted displays for leaflets.

  • Ground floor, wide interior access to facilitate internal movement. 

  • Lowered reception desk.

  • Chair available. 

  • Accessible sanitary facilities in the tourist office in Hardelot.

  • List of suitable facilities and services.

  • Staff trained to welcome people with disabilities.

  • These facilities and services are also for senior citizens and families with pushchairs. 

For the mentally disabled:

  • Documentation displayed in themes together with pictures.

  • Tourist information displayed by geographical area and theme. 

  • Presence of pictograms to combine words and images.

  • Staff trained to welcome people with disabilities.

More information about the ‘Tourism and Disability’ accreditation is available here


Restaurants with toilets accessible in a wheelchair


  • Reserved parking opposite Hardelot Tourist Information Office

  • Parking for 20 minutes opposite Hardelot Tourist Information Office

  • 2 km of seafront and managed pavements in the town centre.

  • Access to the beach via a lift at the lifeguard station. Available: a ‘hippocampe’ (special wheelchair) for swimming and a wheelchair with fat wheels for long walks on the sand (available between July and August)

  • All year-round option of borrowing a ‘joëlette’. This is an all-terrain wheelchair which can be taken on all the hiking trails in the region, even those which are uneven, apart from very steep sandy slopes. Please contact ‘La Maison du Parc, des Caps et Marais d’Opale’ in Le Wast: +33(0)3 21 87 90 90 (

As a result, there is the opportunity to take part in all walks organised in the area. However, a team of 4 people will be needed to help with the wheelchair given the amount of pushing and pulling required, but it is great fun for all concerned. The disabled person can experience something other than tarmac, and family and friends can enjoy a real walk (some small tips: E. Bourgois: +33 (0)3 21 30 25 71

  • Nature walks accessible with help (concrete paving, limestone sand or wooden decking)

Near Hardelot: Lac des miroirs, Glaisière de Nesles, Cap Blanc Nez, Cap Gris Nez, Dunes du Mont St Frieux, Marais de Guines.

See the Eden62 programme and the Boulonnais Côte d'Opale Tourist Information Centre website

Help at home - so that carers can enjoy a true rest

ASSAD in Desvres-Samer: +33 (0)3 21 83 36 33

The Neufchâtel-Hardelot Tourist Information Office is sensitive to welcoming those who are disabled and as a result of this approach aims to facilitate access to tourism and facilities for disabled people and will provide a suitable reception and accessibility (premises, training, website, etc.)

Point of contact for the Tourism and Disability accreditation: Patricia Héneau