Boulogne country offers cyclists a beautiful range of cycling tours to get to know the diversity of the local landscapes

Whether you take the signposted trails or roam as you wish, let yourself be carried away by the unique character of the country

From Wimereux to Hardelot, the Boulogne urban area gives way to sublime green countryside between its coastal cliffs, its surprising forests, its hedgerowed farm land and authentic villages. A change of scenery guaranteed.

The forests

Several marked trails, specially designed for bikes and mountain bikes, allow you to discover the natural treasures of Boulogne. Take the Sentier du Mont Renard across the forest of Capelle-les-Boulogne, tremendously popular with locals and walkers. In this beautiful setting, calm reigns supreme — birds and other small animals are to be seen everywhere! A shorter 11 km trail allows a relaxing day's cycling while more sporty visitors will appreciate the longer version of 33 km, the Sentier du Tour de la Forêt.

Some wonderful surprises

If you enjoy the unique atmosphere of the forest, the woods at Ecault and Hardelot also offer some beautiful atmospheres. Departing from Condette, the Sentier des Buqueuse embodies all the diversity of the Boulogne region. two and a half hours you'll discover charming villages, centennial trees, a wetlands nature reserve and a unique castle, the Château de Hardelot with its neo-tudor architecture.

Over hill and dale

From Nesles you can also challenge Mount Violette! The landscapes you pass through to reach the summit are simply magnificent. Between fields and valleys, cycling through open country roads. The ascent and descent, around the Godin woods, are particularly superb. From a height of 180 metres, the panoramic view of the region leaves the most talkative visitors speechless...