Water sports

With its long sandy beaches, the Boulogne region is a perfect playground for water sports lovers

Whether you're a sportsman for the day or a committed extreme sport star, there's something for all the tastes, all levels and all desires!

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Sand yachting

Fill up on adrenaline! At Boulogne-sur-Mer, Wimereux, Equihen-Plage, Le Portel or Hardelot, the nautical clubs of the various seaside resorts offer introductions to sand yachting from an early age. Down at ground level, your feet on the steering pedals, sail sheets in hand, the sensations are amazing. An fantastic way to let go and discover all the beauty of the coastline.



Born on the Cote d'Opal, the longe-côte is becoming ever more popular. The concept is simple, in single file, in front of or behind your comrades for the day, you walk submerged in the sea up to the chest. If you're well coordinated with your friends, you can achieve up to 4 kilometres on foot. A new way of hiking, at sea!

Stand-up paddle

Standing on a board a little longer than a surfboard, moving along with the help of a paddle. While challenging, stand-up paddle is also a lot of fun. Once you get standing up you'll find yourself crossing the waves, gliding across the water and discovering new horizons in no time! For fun with your friends, we recommend for the giant paddle that can accommodate up to 8 people. Try out something new at Wimereux with our special yoga-paddle sessions.

Kitesurfing and windsurfing

They're everywhere along the coast - kitesurfers and windsurfers on the waves from March to November and even in the winter months for the most enthusiastic. Our nautical centres offer different formulas to introduce you and let you try your hand. These two activities (accessible to everyone over the age of 12) are not dangerous provided you have the basics and safety rules in place. As for the thrill factor, you can hardly do better! Windsurfing and kitesurfing make it possible to "surf and fly" at once. A real breath of freedom!

Sea kayaking

Sea kayaks are another permanent feature of the coast. You can try it out practically everywhere, and it's a great way to let go and have fun. Both a sporting challenge and a great way to tour the coast, its geography and its wildlife. Nature lovers will adore the country kayak trip down the river Wimereux to the sea.


Are you new to sailing? Try your hand at dinghy or catamaran sailing - both make it possible to learn the joys of sailing safely with easy to understand equipment, whatever your level. Take a short course to acquire the basics or rent a boat if you already have some idea how to sail. All the pleasure of a life on the ocean wave is yours.


As long as there's an Atlantic coast there will be surfers! The nautical centres of our seaside resorts offer a range of different courses to learn the basics of surfing step by step. An amazing ocean experience guaranteed. On the program: humility in the face of the elements, respect for the environment and sharing the waves.


The long beaches of Boulogne are ideal for skimboarding, a sport from the United States based on a simple principle. Equipped with a small, thin board, you can slide across the wet sand at low tide (what we call the "flat"). It's fun and accessible to everyone! Experts will learn how to perform a "shore break", surfing the small waves close to the edge.


One of the most accessible water sports, bodyboarding is like surfing, but you stay lying on the board, surfing the low waves close to the shore, or further out to sea for the more adventurous. Get your boogie board and jump into the swell!