"Leave the highways, take the path less travelled" wrote Pythagoras, more than 2,500 years ago

You can take his advice literally in Boulogne country, with hiking trails everywhere! Open your eyes and ears to the sounds of nature

If you're one of the many visitors coming to Boulogne with their hiking boots each year, you'll find the trails of the surrounding area quite remarkable. Between sea and countryside, between valleys and wetlands, between fields and forests, dunes and cliffs... a pure pleasure to be able to plunge into the richness and beauty of these landscapes, taking the time to really appreciate them on foot, enjoying every moment. "Happiness is not at the end of the road, but along the way."

Wonderful diversity

A dozen signposted trails allow you to explore all these charming protected areas. You can opt for a short family walk or a day long hike. The trails - usually forming complete loops - are between 1.5 km and 16 km long, with something for all tastes and levels. See the coast of England from the top of a cliff or a dune, breathe the clean forest air and listen to the birds singing, admire the heritage of our towns, soak up the simplicity of our authentic villages, stroll in the leafy glades and across vast expanses of sand... the variety is striking.

Downloadable routes

The beauty and colours of landscapes, the invigorating quality of the salty sea air, the brilliance of the light, all these walks are a tonic for mental and physical well-being! Visit an ancient castle Nesles or walk in the footsteps of Napoleon around Wimille. Dive into the heart of the Boulogne countryside along the paths of Saint-Etienne-au-Mont and Saint-Martin-Boulogne. Discover all the treasures of Mother Nature in the Saint-Jean bay or on the Mont Duez promontory. You'll be spoiled for choice wherever you go!
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