Pony trekking

Boulonnais is particularly suited to pony trekking with its vast beaches, dunes, forests and truly delightful rural countryside.

Heaven for all horse riding fans! 

You only have to walk in the Boulonnais countryside for a short while to realise how much horses are just part of the scenery. Many horses graze in the woodland pastures in the shade of picture-postcard, traditional farms. With its paths threading their way through the fields, forest tracks and vast expanses of fine sand, Boulonnais is a particularly rich area for horse riding. It is such a delight to ride along deserted beaches early in the morning just enjoying the company of your horse. 

Horse riding trails in La Capelle-les-Boulogne

There are several signposted trails created especially for pony trekking. The ‘Fontaine Blanche’ path in ‘La Capelle-les-Boulogne’ forest (the main area of forest in the region) provides an invigorating eight-kilometre loop. The Ecuries de la Chailly are located just a short distance away and are housed in a former 18th century farmhouse. You can always explore further by opting for the Belle Wattine route. Extending over thirteen kilometres, this provides several hours of enjoyment of the different types of forest to be found in the region.

Ecault - a wide range of environments

Dunes, forests, beaches and even golf courses... Starting at Condette, the Warenne path passes through the many varied landscapes of the Ecault region. In one and a half hours, you cross the forest, skirt the Pins d'Hardelot golf course and climb the dunes before finishing at Ecault beach - one of the most unspoilt on the Côte d'Opale. Please note, however, that the beach is closed to horse riders between 10.00 am and 7.00 pm in August. 

Hardelot Forest 

Starting at Hardelot château, which today houses the Franco-Britannic Cultural Centre, a stunning pony trekking trail takes you on an exploration of Hardelot forest. It is called the ‘Sentier de la Claireau’. Before entering the area, you skirt the lake of mirrors with its amazing fauna and the ‘la Claireau’ lakes, which are much prized by fishermen. You then follow the famous GR121 and enjoy the unique atmosphere of the area before retracing your steps along the Marette trail.

The Internationaux du Pas de Calais

For horse riding fans, Hardelot has one of the most famous equestrian centres north of Paris. It was also one of the training centres used for the 2012 Olympic Games in London. Here, in this charming seaside resort, ‘Les Internationaux du Pas de Calais’ take place. This is one of the most important equestrian competitions in the region. The best riders compete for several days in international show jumping competitions. Over 10,000 spectators make the journey every year.