Guided tours by boat and sea fishing trips.

Enter the fascinating world of the fishing port and enjoy a trip out to sea commentated by true enthusiasts

...and find out about one of the oldest jobs in the world! 

Going out to sea from France’s biggest fishing port and finding out about the life of the fishermen, the fishing techniques used and all the implications in economic terms (import/export, processing) is not only possible, it’s also exciting! At the Quai Gambetta in Boulogne-sur-Mer (opposite the Chamber of Commerce), you can climb aboard the ‘Florelle’. The captain, who is full of stories, will inspire you with his passion for the sea. 

Exciting trips

There are many excursions on offer. You can explore the harbour and the port in an hour. This is essential for understanding how Boulogne-sur-Mer is linked to its fishermen. Once you leave the channel, you will be stunned at the number of Transatlantic cruise ships making a stopover in Boulogne before sailing for Asia, Africa and the United States. Nature lovers will enjoy trips to the ‘Deux Caps’ and the ‘Pointe aux Oies’ to see the cliffs from the sea north of Wimereux, to meet the seals and to find out all about the story of Napoleon III and his landing on the beach.

Sea fishing 

If you are intrigued by the world of fishing, it is worth noting that the ‘Florelle’ offers sea fishing trips on certain mornings where equipment can be hired by beginners. Boots, jackets, windbreakers, sweaters and even hats will be necessary, and you will remember the experience forever whether the fishing is successful or not!

Trips in a ‘flobart’ from Le Portel

Traditional ‘flobarts’ leave from Le Portel, but please be aware that trips only take place during the summer. These little flat-bottomed, blue and white boats are traditional craft on the Côte d'Opale. They continue to make this former fishing port proud thanks to some loyal enthusiasts. You can enjoy a morning or a complete day of traditional rod and line fishing from one of these ‘barsiers portelois’. The experience begins with the boats (which are pointed at the bow and square at the stern) being launched by tractors. The flobarts have the unique characteristic of grounding directly on the sand. They can carry up to three adults. Time to cast off!