Where can fresh fish be bought?

It is impossible to stay in Boulonnais without tasting fish which has just been landed!

It is available in the restaurants, of course - but did you know that in Boulogne-sur-Mer the fishermen are also ready each morning at their covered stalls to sell that day’s catch to you?

The fish stalls near the Marguet footbridge in Boulogne-sur-Mer are open every day throughout the year, weather permitting. They not only add to the hustle and bustle of the port and the city under the benevolent gaze of Batisse and Zabell (two giants in Boulonnais culture), but also add to the delight of food lovers! The fish could not be any fresher.

Freshness and friendships!

In practice, you can buy your fish directly from the fishermen. Sea bass, dogfish, sole, turbot, mackerel, dab, shellfish... the choice depends on that day’s catch and the tides. The men and women (the wives of the fishermen often do the selling) in these covered stalls (also known as ‘aubettes’) will give you advice on how to cook and enjoy their tasty delicacies at their best. They will also tell you about their daily lives and how they work. Some have been selling their fish here at the port for several decades! 

The Jean Muselet promenade

After just a short time of being in the company of these fish experts, you will have understood the close ties that exist between the people of Boulogne and their port. You can also walk from the Marguet footbridge to the park by the Nausicaà on the boardwalk through the fish stalls while enjoying a breathtaking view of the outer harbour. 

Short supply chains

If you love mussels and shellfish, keep your eyes open. It is not unusual to see people selling directly at the roadsides in Boulonnais. In Equihen-Plage, where one of the largest mussel beds on the Côte d'Opale is located, fishermen display in front of their homes when you can buy (and at what price) the fruit of their harvest. Enjoy your meal!