Musée Argos

After having visited the Musée Argos, radio communication on board boats and trawlers will no longer be a mystery!

How do sailors communicate with dry land? How do boats communicate with each other? Have you ever wondered about it? Musée Argos in Le Portel will immerse you in the fascinating world of marine radio with, as a bonus, a tour with a commentary by former radio professionals. 

Total immersion

This museum is full of passion, knowledge and expertise. Musée Argos is managed by the ‘Association de Sauvegarde du Patrimoine Radiomaritime’ (ASPR) (Association for the Protection of Radiomarine Heritage) and immerses you into an exciting world about which very little is known. The entrance is located behind a boat, which sets the tone for the visit. In the faithfully reconstructed Cap D'Alprech radiocommunications centre, you can spend over an hour enjoying the radio cabin, the bridge with equipment from the 1950s to the 1980s, and the helm. 

An astonishing collection

What impresses most when you visit this museum is the sheer range of items on display. In the ‘On board the boats’ room, sonar, radio receivers, transmitters, Morse signal keys, light metres, wave meters, radar and a DECCA navigation system used for landing are all classified by era. They have all been given by donors, shipowners and individuals who are both members and non-members of the Association.

 Aural and visual simulations

Digital screens and videos provide explanations about the equipment and life on board, while aural and visual simulations remind experts and the older generation of distant memories. What navigation system did fishermen and sailors use before GPS? Was it possible to post a letter on board a trawler in the 1960s? There are so many questions that the museum's enthusiastic guides can answer. Please note that both adults and children can have a go at using Morse Code under the guidance of some true professionals!