It's impossible not to succumb to the charm of this seaside resort where a hundred or so Belle Epoque villas compete in terms of beauty and audacity.

Nestled in the heart of Baie Saint-Jean, Wimereux enjoys a very special atmosphere. It was developed thanks to the arrival of the railway at the end of the 19th century when sea bathing was all the rage. These bold, striking houses sprang up like mushrooms after a shower of rain. Despite the horrors of the two World Wars, the heritage of these beautifully charming villas has been preserved.

Vue de la digue par L.de Rocquigny

A Belle Epoque seafront

The seafront is one of the most beautiful on the Côte d'Opale and extends over a kilometre and a half! It surrounds visitors in the delightful atmosphere of the Belle Epoque with its Anglo-Norman villas and blue and white painted beach huts.


Paddle à Wimereux par L.de Rocquigny

Vibrant all year round

In the city centre, Rue Carnot is lined with boutiques selling handmade delicacies and decorative items, as well as clothes shops and art galleries. Wimereux is lively all year round. Families appreciate its vibrancy and the many activities offered by the Watersports Centre (CNW), including sand yachting, catamarans, paddle boarding, kayaking, sea hiking and guided walks, etc. There is something for everyone!

Marche sur la plage par ©L. de Rocquigny

Inspiring walks

With La Slack dunes to the north and La Pointe aux Oies to the south, Wimereux also enjoys stunning natural surroundings. A wooded valley, dunes and even cliffs are all close at hand when you stay in the resort. Walkers and nature lovers can enjoy the enchanting landscapes which are home to a remarkable flora and fauna.