Hardelot is a superb family resort which is a perfect combination of nature and seaside delights.

The beach at Hardelot stretches ten kilometres and is worth visiting in its own right. All generations can be found having a great time there. Some can be seen walking along the seafront, whilst others enjoy family games on the sand. For the more active, the wind can be harnessed for sand yachting. Hardelot, like all the great beaches in the north, can provide space and peace. 

The spirit of a sea bathing resort

Hardelot is also the most British of the seaside resorts along the Côte d'Opale. It was founded in 1904 by John Witley during the era of sea bathing, and has tremendous charm. Its pine forest is home to magnificent seaside villas, as well as two of the most beautiful golf courses in Hauts-de-France. It is easy to enjoy the freedom of this forest landscape which suddenly opens out onto the sea. 

Great vibrancy

Vibrant and welcoming, the resort promotes the idea of the simple pleasures. Free open-air concerts take place on the Place de la Concorde, there is an artisanal local market on Sunday mornings during the season and family nature outings are available, etc. There is a unique atmosphere at Hardelot. In the town centre, there are restaurants, bars, tearooms and many shops.

A favourite with families

For many years now, Hardelot has concentrated on providing a warm welcome to families. Shops, sports clubs and the whole town take part! The resort has the ‘Famille Plus’ accreditation and offers both youngsters and adults alike a wide range of suitable activities throughout the year, and in the school holidays in particular. All Saints’ Day is not to be missed. The ‘Festi'mômes’ festival transforms the resort into a world dedicated to children. There are magic shows, theatre shows, puppet shows, art trails, courses and workshops , etc. It is a wonderful occasion. 

A sporty town

Hardelot is a haven for the more active and has an astonishing range of activities to enjoy, including watersports, hiking trails and bike trails, golf and even horse riding. Its Centre Nautique is particularly imaginative. For example, you can enjoy snowshoeing across the dunes in Hardelot! In addition, the resort has no less than two golf courses and one of the biggest equestrian centres on the Côte d'Opale.