Le Portel

Le Portel is an old fishing port full of character which appeals to families and nature lovers alike.

Sheltered by the harbour of Boulogne-sur-Mer, Le Portel’s star attraction is its beach! Extending over one and a half kilometres, there is plenty of room here for children and adults to run about and enjoy water sports or activities on the beach. A top place for things to do, mussel collecting can also be enjoyed, especially around the area of Fort d’Heurt. The fort is accessible at low tide and boasts the largest natural mussel bed on the Côte d'Opale!

A choice of several walks

The resort has many parks and gardens and is perfect for enjoying a good walk. Overlooking the sea, the Parc de la Falaise alone offers 27 hectares in which to relax among its lakes and recreational areas. Feast your eyes on a breathtaking view over the beach after climbing to the top of Mont de Couppes. Fort de l'Heurt and even Fort d'Alprech and the lighthouse can be seen in the distance. This historic site was built towards the end of the 19th century and can easily be reached via the coastal path!



Fishing heritage

Le Portel is a former fishing port and has retained strong links with its maritime past. The iconic ‘Flobarts’ are still a well-known sight on the beach. These small flat-bottomed boats have a pointed bow and are square at the stern (!). They still go out to sea occasionally to fish for sole, plaice, cod, bass, mackerel, crab and even lobster! It is a unique sight, as they have to be towed on the beach by tractors.


A carnival not to be missed 

Much like Dunkirk, Le Portel is very proud of its carnival. The whole town celebrates for three days before Shrove Tuesday. Costumed groups and decorated floats take over the town centre for everyone to enjoy in a feast of colour. After the processions on Sunday, the ‘Pec-Pec’, which takes place on Monday, is one of the event’s highlights. Carnival-goers dressed in fishermen’s oilskins congregate to amuse the children. On Tuesday, after an action-packed day, everyone gathers to take Bâtiss, the mascot to the bonfire!