Boulogne, a town in bloom

With two thousand years of history surrounding its fishing port (the largest in France), Boulogne-sur-Mer is also particularly proud of its "four flowers" award, a national recognition of the quality of life here.

On the sign marking the city boundary, you'll see four small flower icons, letting you know that Boulogne-sur-Mer believes in the power of flowers, the power of nature and colour... The "Four Flowers" award is the highest distinction awarded by the Towns and Villages in Bloom jury, showing the commitment of Boulogne-sur-Mer to its living environment. There are flower beds everywhere "A remarkable level of expertise in the use of plants and the juxtaposition of colours" according to the jury!

A unique identity

What exactly is a town in bloom? To claim the award, a municipality has to meet four criteria. The predominant role of plants in the development of public spaces and the development of heritage features are the first two. The creativity of our gardeners, through the choice of plants and their combinations, helps create a unique landscape identity. In Boulogne-sur-Mer, gardeners are particularly creative, highlighting the unique nature of the town and the beauty of its heritage! Take a stroll around the Château below the ramparts, with gardens, groves and elegant flower beds inviting you to stroll and relax.

Parks and gardens with events

As you walk around the lower and upper town, of Boulogne, you'll discover generous and harmonious floral compositions everywhere. To obtain the precious award, a municipality also has to make a minimum area of green space available per inhabitant and propose events on the theme of the garden. Once again, Boulogne-sur-Mer is a leader! Not only does the town have a large number of parks and gardens, but it also puts on wonderful events throughout the year such as the famous Jardins Ephémères.

The Jardins Ephémères

From late June to mid-October, Place Godefroy de Bouillon is transformed into garden! André Le Nôtre, Hieronymus Bosch, the seven deadly sins, Cinema have been the themes in recent years. Hundreds of plant species in a huge variety of colours and shapes make up this incredible life-size painting in front of the town hall. An unmissable event that dazzles thousands of visitors every year. "Whenever you become pessimistic, look at a rose," wrote the poet Albert Samain. Boulogne-sur-Mer gives you the chance!