The beach as a playground

With their watersports centres and long expanses of sand, the beaches along the Boulonnais coastline are perfect for all sorts of fun and sporting activities. There is something for everyone!

The Boulonnais coastline, with its tens of miles of fine sand and very active watersports centres, can offer a whole range of activities which would make even the largest theme park jealous. The beaches are so vast the everyone can find their own little patch of relaxation for an afternoon without worrying about annoying the neighbours. The very youngest can enjoy exercising their budding skills as architects by building sandcastles, towers and tunnels. They can run about, play football, challenge the older ones to tennis or just simply burn off energy. 

Time for fun

People flying kites, groups enjoying a game of pétanque and beach volleyball tournaments are all part of the scenery along the Boulonnais coastline. The atmosphere is good-natured. During the school holidays in the summer, the resorts offer many activities to families. In Boulogne-sur-Mer, the Pôle Plage provides games with inflatables, beach volleyball, beach football and competitions. The Famille Plus accredited resort of Hardelot also puts on fun events for all generations. The beaches are the perfect surroundings for fun races and other recreational games.

A passion for sport

Water, wind and sailing sports are also readily available along the coast. Sand yachting figures large, but there are many others to enjoy too. You can take part in windsurfing, paddle boarding, catamarans, kayaking, speed sailing, kite surfing, sea hiking and much more besides thanks to the watersports centres. The list is long. Whether you are a beginner or an expert and no matter what age you are, there are different packages to choose from, from just hiring equipment to an introduction over several days to an activity.

The simple pleasures

The vast beaches are also above all perfect for the simple pleasures in life, such as walking. What a delight it is to be able to unwind in these wide open spaces! What a joy to be able to spend an hour collecting shells or watching land-based fishermen scour the sand or the rocks for that rare pearl. It is impossible to get bored on the Boulonnais coastline. The key word is enjoyment!