‘Natural’ beaches

On the fringes of the beautiful town-centre beaches where there is everything to keep the family entertained, the Boulonnais coastline also has more unspoilt, remote beaches where the silence is golden. Ready to go? 

You may meet walkers, dreamers and fishermen all connecting with the natural surroundings in their own way. And what surroundings they are! There are some unspoilt beaches along the Boulonnais coastline which are often a well-kept secret amongst the locals and which are a beautiful place for a walk. Keep your eyes and ears wide open...

La Pointe aux Oies beach

From La Pointe aux Oies, which is a paradise for migratory birds, a beach scattered with rocks and pebbles can easily be reached. The scenery is breathtaking. Land-based fishermen engage in their favourite activity while photographers capture the scene. Time stands still here just a stone’s throw from Wimereux. Surrounded by the La Slack dunes (a protected natural area), La Pointe aux Oies beach is also full of walkers breathing in the fresh air. There are no lifeguards, so be careful. Take the time to look at the flora and fauna surrounding you as the scenery is magnificent. 


Ningles cove

A little further on, and located between Le Portel and Equihen-Plage, is Ningles cove. It is at the bottom of a small waterfall and is the perfect place to find a little peace and quiet. Well-known to mussel collectors, the cove is not accessible by car, which only adds to its charm. It can be reached from the coastal path (a beautiful path for walking!). Here, far from the hustle and bustle of urban life, only the restful sounds of nature and the undeniably charming rippling of the stream can be heard.


La Crevasse cove

Le Portel and Equihen-Plage also have hidden gems! On the path to Cap d'Alprech, which can be reached from the coastal path, La Crevasse cove is a completely unspoilt area at the foot of the cliffs. The beach is very narrow and only accessible at low tide. The rocks hide mussel beds much prized by fishermen and the locals. From La Crevasse cove, there is also a superb view of the cliffs and the North Sea. Awesome!

Ecault beach

Ecault beach, located in the village of Saint-Etienne-au-Mont, is surrounded by a national forest and an exceptional area of dune land. Needless to say, there is a unique flora and fauna here and the walking (along the many trails) makes it particularly worth a visit. From the dune white with beach grass, you overlook the beach from 90 meters up. The view is quite simply stunning. With just a few minutes walking, you can reach a vast stretch of fine sand stretching over three kilometres! It is a unique place.