The Street-Art Trail in Boulogne-sur-Mer

The aim of the street-art trail in Boulogne-sur-Mer is to surprise, delight, intrigue and above all arouse your curiosity.

This walk, which you can design however you like, will reveal this City of Art and History in a single, extraordinary day.

2,000 years of history, an international fishing port, vibrant traditions and the constant hustle and bustle... Boulogne-sur-Mer has always had a unique and fascinating atmosphere. Every street corner and building seems to want to whisper its secrets to you. For artists, and especially for those inspired by the streets, Boulogne-sur-Mer is a fantastic playground.

Artists take over the streets

For several years now, during the ‘Parcours d’Art urbain – Street art’ festival, Boulogne-sur-Mer gives street artists from home and abroad a free rein to share their vision of the city. These include Kobra (Brazil), Alaniz (Argentina), Case Maclaim (Germany), Evoca 1 (Dominican Republic), 4 Letters (France), Nikodem (France) and other artists from Boulonnais including FLAG, Florian Lajouanique, Marie Lou Peeren and Gaawouel, etc. While many of them exhibit in galleries around the world, they all started out on the streets and are each contributing, in their own way, to the emancipation of urban culture. 

Exploring Boulogne alternatively

The Street-Art trail can be enjoyed throughout the year and grows a little larger with each festival. Essentially in its natural environment, it takes you on a discovery of amazing works, much like a museum...but in the open air! It is an alternative way of seeing the city and of understanding the inspiration it can trigger. Wander at your own pace through the streets and alleyways and take a close look. Walls and gables, street furniture and even the columns on the Université du Littoral show a new face and create an open-air gallery which is accessible to everyone. 

A walk for everyone

There are dozens of works tucked away throughout the city! Ready-planned routes are available for download at which allow everyone to see these giant frescos and more unknown parts of the city. What do you mean you thought you knew Boulogne-sur-Mer... Are you sure?